Development Plans

Development Plan Documents

Development Plan Documents (DPD) replace the Local Plan and have the same status for decision-making. Types of DPD include:

Core Strategy

Site Specific Allocations

Proposals Map

Area Action Plans (AAPs)

Core Strategy - All Local Planning Authorities must prepare a Core Strategy DPD, which sets out a vision for the future of the area with the primary policies and proposals for meeting that vision. It must include:

a statement of the development and uses that the local planning authority wishes to encourage in the area of the plan period.

a statement of any environmental, social and economic objectives, which are relevant to the attainmnet of these

the authority's general policies in regard to the above.

Site Specific Alocations - All Local Planning Authorities must identify allocations of sites for specific or mixed uses of development, and idenyify any specific requirements for individual proposals.

Proposals Map - All Local Planning Authorities must produce a map that illustrates the policies and site-specific proposals in the DPDs.

Area Action Plans (AAPs) - These may be prepared by Local Planning Authorities to address areas of major change or with special conservation requirements e.g. delivering planned growth areas or stimulating regeneration.

All DPDs must be subject to rigorous procedures of community involvemnet, consultation and independent examination to test the soundness of the document and ensure that the necessary legal requirements for its preparation have been undertaken. DPDs must be adopted after reciept of the Inspector's binding report.