National Technical & Sustainability Committee

The National Technical & Sustainability Committee (NTSC) meets four times a year to consider technical issues relating to housebuilding. Its purpose is to form an overarching steering committee to all technical related matters and challenges facing the industry and is well attended by a number of major and medium size house builder member representatives.

Its members review and comment on aspects of government policy in relation to changes in technology and construction, particularly regulations which affect building practice and construction and the commercial implications of proposed changes. NTSC also, where possible, proposes a realistic regulatory framework and protection for the housebuilding industry in all matters relating to land development.

It considers the policies of utility companies and negotiate with them and their regulators to promote competition, reduce charges and ensure value for money in the provision of services. NTSC also tries to ensure that housebuilders are represented on external groups and organisations with common interests to ensure adequate liaison with them on key issues.

Chairman: Dale Saunders, Taylor Wimpey