Extract from Barker Review final report:
“The House Builders Federation, in conjunction with National House-Building Council (NHBC), ConstructionSkills and other interested parties, should develop a strategy to  address barriers to modern methods of construction. This strategy should be developed to fit alongside existing initiatives, working closely with Government to identify further measures that can be taken. A range of approaches should be explored, in particular actions by industry and changes to NHBC policy and practice, as well as representations to Government on areas such as changes to Building Regulations.” Source: Barker Review Final Report, Recommendation 33
HBF has worked with a large number of stakeholders to carry forward this recommendation. This work has been guided by a Cross Industry Steering Group, which in turn set up a number of specialist working groups. An Executive Summary of the Steering Group's report was launched on 23rd Feb 2006. The full report will be available soon.