HBF Response - Barker Review Steering Committee

12 Sep, 2004

Housebuilding offers the chance to shape the world in which we live a real career with real results. Our members start with an idea for a development, bring it through the planning system, buy the land, design and build new housing developments and finally market the product to the homebuyer. The variety in what our members do means that they are able to offer an enormous range of job opportunities for people of all backgrounds.

To see what our members can offer, you can download a copy of

Creating Something Real

'A view from inside the industry', by Karen Pope, human resources director, Redrow Homes

Everyone in society should have access to decent housing. It provides people with a stronger sense of security and place. It also strengthens communities and improves health and educational achievement. To many people their homes provide a long-term asset that can be passed on to future generations.

The housebuilding industry works to meet the housing needs of future generations. We need the very best people to join the industry, to help run our companies and meet our customers expectations.

Housebuilding offers an opportunity to work at the cutting edge of the governments agenda for urban renaissance, economic growth and social inclusion. Successful companies will be those that can embrace the government's agenda for sustainable development and the new opportunities for urban regeneration.

Housebuilding is an exciting sector to work in. We employ staff with a wide mix of skills and professions - a great challenge for a training professional.

At Redrow I am involved in training activities across the board, from school-leavers entering craft apprenticeships through to senior management development programmes. We strongly encourage all our employees to continue to learn and develop their skills. Within housebuilding there is certainly plenty of opportunity to progress.

Paper Meeting 29 June 2004