HBF Report- Watt a Save

3 Jul, 2023

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Our 'Watt a Save' July 2023 report finds that the home building industry collectively reduced household carbon emissions by 500,000 tonnes last year, saving buyers more than £400million in energy costs.

The analysis of energy performance data for new and older properties, finds energy bills for new homes are on average 55% cheaper, saving households £135 on monthly running costs.

HBF is calling on Government to work with mortgage lenders to develop a proper market for ‘green mortgages’ that offers consumers real incentives to make environmentally conscious and money-saving decisions. Because all homebuyers are assessed for mortgage affordability with the same assumptions about monthly energy bill outgoings, buyers of energy saving homes see no practical or financial benefit in their mortgage deals despite the presence of EPCs offering a good picture of the actual costs of running a home.

A 'Watt a Save July 2023 communications toolkit' has been developed for HBF members and is available within the members' section on the website.


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Wales Energy Save Report 2023

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