HBF Report; Increasing private housing supply: HBF policy recommendations

11 Aug, 2015

This paper addresses the question: what more can central and local government do to boost the supply of private housing? HBF has also produced four supporting Background topic papers (referenced within the paper).

It takes as given that a serious, long-term undersupply of housing in England has had major economic and social consequences, and that the private sector will have to provide a large majority of the new homes of the future.The paper follows a simple approach: a policy issue is identified, solutions are recommended. The undersupply crisis we face is very serious and its causes are deep rooted and extend back over nearly 25 years. Therefore we believe a range of policies is required. While individual recommendations are attached to particular problems, many would reinforce each other and achieve much more than the individual proposals in isolation.

HBF Report -Increasing Private Housing Supply Policy Recommendations Aug 2015