National New Homes Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSS)


HBF’s national new homes customer satisfaction survey of house builders was launched in 2005 in response to recommendations in the Barker Review of Housing of 2004. It is a self-completion census done by the purchasers of new build homes. Survey results are published annually in March each year.

The results of the latest home building industry’s Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSS), carried out by HBF and the NHBC, demonstrate a customer satisfaction level that matches or exceeds those in most other industries or sectors.

The independently verified survey of 98,876 new home buyers reveals that Over 90% of new homebuyers surveyed say they would buy a new build home again; whilst over 87% say they would recommend their home builder to a friend - a 1% year-on-year increase.

This year’s further improvement is a clear demonstration that the intense focus within the industry on build quality and customer service is continuing to deliver.

The improvements in satisfaction levels have been achieved as output has continued to increase.
The past five years have seen an unprecedented 78% increase in housing supply, and the industry recognises that high levels of build quality and service must be maintained as volumes rise.

The survey results and the Code, in addition to a ten-year warranty on all new homes, combine to give new build home purchasers genuine confidence in the product they are buying.

Stewart Baseley, Executive Chairman of HBF, notes that "The survey proves conclusively that the people who buy and live in new build homes are overwhelmingly happy with their purchase. There has been a huge focus on quality and service across the industry and this is reflected by successive annual improvements across all question areas.

“The intense focus on quality and service, allied to a huge recruitment and training campaign has enabled builders to further raise standards whilst increasing output.

“New build buyers already have far more protection than second hand buyers with the security of a consumer code and 10-year warranty. The vast majority of customers are already happy with the service and quality of their home, but the industry is determined to deliver even higher levels in the years to come. The industry is committed to further increases in protection and redress and is working with a range of stakeholders on how an ombudsman can be introduced.”

The survey is undertaken, and the results analysed, by the NHBC.

CSS HBF Brochure 2019

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