National New Homes Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSS)

HBF’s national new homes customer satisfaction survey of house builders was launched in 2005 in response to recommendations in the Barker Review of Housing of 2004. It is a self-completion census done by the purchasers of new build homes. Survey results are published annually in March each year.

This year’s industry Customer Satisfaction Survey results show that an overwhelming 89% of new home buyers would ‘recommend their builder to a friend’. Satisfaction levels amongst new home buyers have now improved for a third successive year, up 2% on last year and 5% in the past three – a period over which housing supply has continued to increase significantly. Of those who responded, 91% said they would buy a new build home again.

This year’s survey covers the 12 months from October 2018 to September 2019. As a result of the big increases in housing supply, more than double the number of surveys were issued compared to five years ago with 99,919 questionnaires sent out, and 63,418 returned, a response rate of 63% – extremely high for
such a survey. The scale of the survey, believed to be one of the most comprehensive continuous industry research exercises in the country, ensures that its results provide a robust and accurate representation of industry and builder performance.

The survey is undertaken, and the results analysed, by the NHBC.

15th Survey CSS 2020 (Completions October 2018 - September 2019)

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