The impact of the housing crisis is now being truly understood at both local and national level with considerable focus now on political parties’ policies for addressing the chronic shortage of housing that has developed over several decades.


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Estimate the potential benefits of increasing house building

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Building Communities, Growing the Economy: A Plan for Boosting Housing Supply

Ahead of the 2015 General Election, HBF has published a short guide for politicians and the public, setting out the major benefits that come with increased house building and a plan for how to achieve the necessary step-change.


HBF General Election Position Paper

To read a more in-depth overview of the conditions required to dramatically increase the level of private house building and HBF’s suggestions on how to achieve this.


Economic Footprint of House Building in the UK

To help inform our activity at the General Election and beyond, in early 2015 HBF commissioned Nathanial Lichfield & Partners to conduct an extensive analysis of the economic and social benefits associated with house building.


Retirement Housing at the General Election

This General Election is likely to be one of the hardest fought campaigns in living memory and many of the parties are keen to emphasise housing policies as they seek to attract votes. Mostly, however, the focus in the media and amongst politicians has been on advancing the housing opportunities of young people and first-time buyers in particular. But the population is ageing and the hidden housing crisis that is experienced by older people is beginning to have an impact on the housing market.