Skills Frameworks launched for the sector

3 May, 2019

The Home Building Skills Partnership has released its Skills Frameworks, based upon key roles experiencing skills shortages. Developed by members of the Skills & Development group, the frameworks have been designed to illustrate the training modules employees need to perform and complete their roles effectively.

Training to a standard has become an important element for home builders in ensuring employees have the skills and experience needed to meet businesses’ needs and in fostering a positive working environment. By using the frameworks your organisation and workforce can enjoy a range of benefits including:

  • Increasing quality and productivity in your workforce
  • Retaining staff and creating a positive working environment
  • Supporting individual learning and acquiring new skills
  • Lowering unexpected maintenance costs and repairs
  • Increasing the reputation of the home building sector

The Skills Frameworks have been designed to be clear and easy to navigate to help employees and employers find the information they need quickly and in a format that suits them. To compliment these frameworks, a number of workforce development tools have also been created to support employers with their recruitment, performance evaluation and induction of staff and are specific to each role. This includes the Home Builders Industry Induction Handbook that provides information on key organisations in the sector and health & safety information on-site.

The frameworks are available in both PDF and digital format. To start using the Skills Frameworks now, visit and follow our helpful guide.