North of Tyne Regional Economic Footprint Report

5 Mar, 2019

North of Tyne Regional Economic Footprint Report

This report is based on research carried out by Lichfields for the Home Builders Federation (HBF) and shows the huge contribution house building is making to the economy in the North of Tyne[1]. Over 4,700 new homes were provided in the region over the last year, generating over £813m to the local economy.

The report shows that in 2017/18, house building was responsible for: 

  • Supporting 14,865 local jobs
  • Delivering over £813m of economic activity
  • Generating over £57m of tax, the equivalent of employing approximately 2,450 new police constables[2] or 2,612 newly qualified nurses[3]
  • Delivering over £3.8m of spending on new and improved schools, the equivalent of employing 163 additional teachers[4], or funding 822 additional primary school places[5]
  • An investment of over £1.4m in open spaces, the equivalent of 95 ‘pocket parks’[6]


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