Member briefing - CIJC Pay Rates 2011

13 Jun, 2011

Under the provisions of the CIJC Working Rule Agreement was agreed and full details are attached.

The average increase is 1.5% effective from 5 September 2011.  However, it must be stressed that the CIJC Agreement settles minimum rates of pay and NOT an across the board percentage increase.

The obligation is for the employer not to pay less than the minimum hourly rates.  This means that if the employer already pays in excess of the minimum it is up to the employer to decide the extent to which pay rates are increased so long as the rate does not fall below the new minimum.

Although this years increase takes effect from 5 September this does not alter the normal review date of the last Monday in June for future increases.

From the 27 June 2011 the fare and subsistence allowances increase in line with the March RPI index in the normal way.  However, the taxed travel allowance, industry sick pay, pension contributions and insurance cover for tools all remain unchanged.

CIJC Pay Rates 2011