Height Safety Podcast Episode 2 - Ladders

5 Oct, 2022

Ensuing the success of the height safety toolbox talks created by the Access Industry Forum (AIF) and supported by the Home Builders Federation (HBF), a series of podcasts that provide expert insight into a range of specific work at height topics was launched in April 2022.

The first podcast of the series explored the role that RIDDOR data plays in gaining valuable insight for improvement. Based on the data collected, falls from ladders was identified to be a recurring issue within, not just house building, but across all industry. Therefore, the second podcast from the series dives into the reasons behind people falling from ladders, and what we can do to prevent them in our industry.

This podcast was hosted by Nathan Preston, Head of Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHEQ) at Gleeson Homes, and the guest speaker for the session was Gail Hounslea, Chair of the Ladder Association and Managing Director of Ladderstore.

H&S Podcast Episode 2

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