Housing pipeline report - Q4 2022 report - Published April 2023

13 Apr, 2023

The number of housing projects granted a planning permission during 2022 Q4 was 12% down on a year ago. The number of projects approved in England fell below 3,000 for the first time during 2022 Q4, with the number of projects in the whole of 2022 falling to under 12,500, the lowest since the data set was started in 2006.

Overall the number of units approved during 2022 totalled 323,416 units, a 12% decline on the previous year. Whilst the number of units approved increased slightly during the fourth quarter of 2022 against the preceding three months to total 83,896 units, they were still 3% down on a year ago. The rise in approvals during the fourth quarter was driven by increase in larger private and social housing projects. Smaller sized sites saw a decline in approvals.

At 76,859 units, housing schemes of ten or more units accounted for 92% of approved units and grew by 10% against the third quarter, but were 2% down on a year ago. The remaining 8% of units were on smaller new build projects including self-build schemes, homes included within non-residential projects, and the conversion of non-residential properties.

At 2,201 the number of private sector housing projects (schemes of 3 or more units) securing approval was unchanged on the third quarter but was 10% lower than a year earlier. An increase in the average size of schemes securing approval prompted a rise in the number of units granted planning permission on private sector projects of 6% against the third quarter. Although at 73,025, the number of units approved was 1% lower than a year earlier.


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