Help to Buy stats - housebuilder reaction

31 Jul, 2014

Help to Buy stats - housebuilder reaction

Please find reaction below to latest Help to Buy equity loan stats released by Gvmnt this morning. The stats show that 4,357 households bought new build homes through the equity loan scheme in June - the highest monthly total since the scheme launched in April 2013.

Stewart Baseley, executive chairman of the Home Builders Federation said;

"Help to Buy is allowing people across the county to buy new build homes and if people can buy, builders can build. Indicators suggest increases in house building activity in the region of 25% and the past year has seen the steepest increase in new housing starts for around 40 years.

"The industry has recruited thousands of people in recent months and is working with its supply chain to ensure the capacity is there to sustain increases - all of which is giving the country a huge economic boost.

"To ensure increases are sustainable, central and local Government need to ensure the planning system responds accordingly and can meet demand in the long term." 

Link to CLG stats release, including regional stats, here;