HBF responds to Government mandate to cut 30% in carbon for all new builds

15 December, 2021

All new buildings must reduce their carbon emissions by about a third, the Government announced today (15 December).

Building Regulations will be amended to enforce a 30% cut on emissions from new homes and a 27% cut on other buildings.

The new rules will come into force in June, with a transition period to allow for planning applications that are in progress at the time.

Housing minister Eddie Hughes said the change would pave the way for the Future Homes and Buildings Standard in 2025 and would mean all future homes would be net zero-ready and would not need retrofitting.

“The changes will significantly improve the energy efficiency of the buildings where we live, work and spend our free time and are an important step on our country’s journey towards a cleaner, greener built environment,” he said.

HBF’s Managing Director, Neil Jefferson, said, “We welcome the publication of the new Building Regulations, which helps provide the certainty that the industry has been seeking. The new requirements and proposed timelines pose a considerable challenge and, as industry gears up to deliver them, it is imperative that the final, tested and validated software supporting the government’s national calculation methodology for new homes (SAP) is available to industry as soon as is possible. Without it, industry is currently unable to accurately test what specifications are required to meet the new requirements. We urge Government to clear this block to the industry’s ability to deliver these demanding requirements.

New build homes are already significantly more energy efficient than older homes, saving owners hundreds of pounds a year. The industry remains committed to going further, working with stakeholders to ensure that the implementation timetable for the proposed Future Homes Standard from 2025 is achieved.”

The full Government announcement can be found here.

A member briefing explaining the changes will be issued shortly.


claire coward
Home Builders Federation
Campaigns & Communications Officer

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