HBF calls on Liberal Democrats to correct ‘worrying inaccuracies’ in manifesto

14 Jun, 2024

HBF calls on Liberal Democrats to correct ‘worrying inaccuracies’ in manifesto

The Home Builders Federation has written to the leader of the Liberal Democrats to highlight inaccuracies about the house building industry in their election manifesto and request that revisions are made.

In the letter addressed to Sir Ed Davey, HBF expresses its disappointment in reading the party’s assertion that “newly built homes are often energy inefficient and environmentally unfriendly” and outlines the evidence on why it should be dismissed.

Government data shows that almost 9 in 10 new builds achieve an A or B energy rating, whilst fewer than 5% of older properties achieve the same performance. Additionally, new homes emit 61% less carbon than older properties on average.

The increased energy performance of new homes means they are powered by 57% less energy, therefore saving the average homeowner £140 a month of running costs.

The letter details the industry’s commitment to supporting national environmental targets, evidenced in part by the creation of the Future Homes Task Force and Future Homes Hub, and the progress already made in improving the thermal and energy performance of new builds.

HBF also rebuts the Lib Dems’ claims that “too many new houses are built as leasehold”, sharing the latest government data which shows that more than 99% of all new houses are sold as freehold.

Whilst acknowledging the unfounded criticism of the industry may ‘play well politically’, HBF calls on the party to publish a revised version of the manifesto to ensure voters are well-informed and avoid letting down those ‘at the sharp end of the housing crisis.

In addition to directly answering the manifesto’s inaccuracies, HBF concludes by taking the opportunity to increase awareness of the benefits of development, including supporting around 750,000 jobs and generating £40billion in economic activity each year.

Read the letter to the Liberal Democrats in full.

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