Greater Manchester Economic Footprint Report

21 Feb, 2019

This report is based on research carried out by Lichfields for the Home Builders Federation (HBF), and reveals the full extent of the community and economic benefits of house building in Greater Manchester[1]

Figures show that 9,172 new homes were provided in the region in 2017/18, generating over £1.5bn to the local economy, a fantastic benefit for Greater Manchester.

 The report shows that in 2017/18, house building in Greater Manchester was responsible for:

  • Supporting and sustaining over 28,000 local jobs
  • Delivering over £1.5bn of economic activity, the equivalent of the 2018 budget to support the UK high street[2]
  • Generating over £110m of tax, the equivalent of employing approximately 4,687 new police constables[3]
  • Delivering over £7m of spending on new and improved schools, the equivalent of employing 312 additional newly qualified teachers[4], or funding 1,573 additional primary school places[5] for a year
  • Generated over £250m investment in new Affordable Housing


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