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Hallam Land Management (Sheffield)

Our business strategy is to create new land development opportunities and to maximise the value of land for our partners and stakeholders.

Our role is to promote and develop land opportunities through the complexities of the UK Town and Planning system. Hallam’s strategic land and promotion expertise serves to work with the local planning authorities in helping landowners who are seeking to develop or promote land through the system. The complexity and costs of promoting sites through the planning process continue to increase. The risks and uncertainties are also increasing and so it is more important than ever that landowners select partners to assist in promoting their land with extreme care.

We are very proud of our successful track record in developing both difficult and challenging sites. This assures landowners that we have the right credentials to be given significant responsibility of managing land through ownership, option or planning promotion agreement.

Hallam has been acquiring, promoting, developing and trading in strategic land since 1990 and we operate throughout England, Scotland and Wales. Hallam has experienced land and planning teams based in Bristol, Glasgow, Leeds, London, Manchester and Northampton, as well as the Sheffield head office, working with landowners, developers, local authorities, communities and other parties to bring forward development opportunities.






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