HBF Response - Renewable Electricity Financial Incentives – Feed-In Tariffs

19 Oct, 2009

In his statement of 16th July on the definition of zero carbon homes (please click here to view), the Housing Minister confirmed that the Government’s proposed financial incentives for smaller-scale renewable energy facilities would be available for the purposes of delivering future zero carbon housing.

For renewable electricity generation of up to 5MW a Feed-in Tariff (FiT) will be introduced from April 2010. A Renewable Heat Incentive will then be introduced in 2011.

The HBF is responding to the consultation’s proposals for the introduction of a Feed-in Tariff (FIT) from April 2010. The FIT will be important for home builders in helping them work towards the Government’s objective that all new homes should be built to an agreed zero carbon standard from 2016. Our comments in this response therefore seek to suggest ways in which the FIT can best assist the achievement of this objective.

HBF Response - Renewable Electricity Financial incentives - feed-in tarriffs