Increasing investment in housing supply in Wales

18 Jun, 2016

Wales is failing to deliver the homes its growing population needs. The best estimates of housing need over  the next 15-20 years vary from 8,700 homes per year to 11,600, while completions last year were only around 7,000. It is now estimated that since 2011 the shortfall in housing supply is at likely to be around 18,000.

In contrast, housing supply and planning permissions have all trended more quickly upwards over the border in England where efforts have been made to reduce regulation, improve land availability and encourage small builders into the market.

The consequences of this undersupply are now being felt both socially and economically, including more homeless households in temporary accommodation and a record number of 20-34 year olds living at home with parents.

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Increasing investment in housing supply in Wales - June 2016 FINAL