Housing pipeline report - Q4 2021 report - Published July 2022

1 Jul, 2022

The number of units approved picked-up during the final quarter of 2021, having fallen back during the preceding six months after a strong start to the year. The number of units approved during the fourth quarter rose by 12% against the previous three months, but was 10% lower than in the fourth quarter of 2020. Overall the number of units approved last year at 362,097 units was 10% up on 2020. The rise in approvals during the final quarter and during the year as whole was driven by increases in both private and social sector approvals.

Glenigan recorded the approval of 85,654 residential units1 during the fourth quarter of 2021. At 77,724 units, housing schemes of ten or more units accounted for 91% of approved units; the remainder being on smaller new build projects including self-build schemes, homes included within non-residential projects, and the conversion of non-residential properties.


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