Skills Frameworks

The Home Building Skills Partnership, and members from its skills and development group with input from associated Trade Federations, have created a series of minimum skills frameworks. The frameworks can help employers ensure their employees are trained to a standard that equips them with the skills they need to perform their roles effectively.

What are the Skills Frameworks?

These frameworks illustrate key competencies and training standards specifically for the home building sector that should be completed by employees.

What roles have frameworks?

The skills frameworks have been developed against key roles that are currently experiencing challenges either through skills gaps, skills shortages or both.

How do they work?

Against each job role, the skills framework will provide you with a list of competencies needed to perform that role effectively. Each competency will provide the unit of training needed and the CITB short training standard it complies with.

How can these Frameworks benefit my organisation?

These skill frameworks support a competent workforce and can make a difference in creating a positive shift in culture and behaviour at all levels of the home building sector. A competent workforce helps to:

  • Increase quality and productivity in your workforce
  • Retain staff and create a positive working environment
  • Support individuals learn and acquire new skills
  • Lower unexpected maintenance costs and repairs
  • Increase the reputation of the house building sector

We are currently updating the skills frameworks in line with the wider ongoing competency work.  The Skills Partnership is here to support you and your employees, and should you have any questions or need further guidance on the Skills Frameworks email us at