Water And Sewerage Futures Group (WSFG)

6 July, 2018 (12:30 p.m. - 3 p.m.)

Water And Sewerage Futures Meeting

The Water And Sewerage Futures Meeting is a sub-group of the NTSC. This group picks up the mantle for the National Joint Industry Development Group, a forum previously co-chaired by the HBF and Water UK before Water UK unilaterally decided to cancel any further meetings. This important group will bring together developer members and the water and sewerage companies. 

These meetings are only open to HBF developer members and water and sewerage companies, if you would like to attend please contact Emeline Serex.

Email: emeline.serex@hbf.co.uk 

Tel: 020 7960 1607

Water and Sewerage Futures Group Agenda 06.07.18 (F) Member Only


WRAS-HBF WH-JIP Minutes from 16 April 2018 meeting (AGREED) Member Only


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