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From 13 – 17 May this year, HBF will be running a ‘New Homes Week’ campaign to promote new build homes.

The overall objective of the Week is to promote to a consumer audience the benefits of new homes with the aim of driving up consumer interest and ultimately sales.

Messaging will include; interior design for a new home – Sophie Robinson will guide our different audiences as to how to make a new home their own through styling, advice on Help to Buy, retirement and downsizing, designing Family Homes, and First Time Buyers.

The campaign will be digitally based, with the main focus being on social media and the New-Homes website . To encourage more engagement, we will be running social media competitions to win a voucher.

Using videos, and our first ever New Homes Week Ambassador, interior designer Sophie Robinson, we will be offering design tips and guidance for all styles of new homes.  Here are the themes for the week.

  • Monday – Interior Design for a new home
  • Tuesday – Homes with Help to Buy
  • Wednesday – Retirement / downsizer homes
  • Thursday – Family Homes
  • Friday – First time buyer homes

We have produced a range of material developed specifically for social media channels that will be available for all to use on various platforms.

Supporting New Homes Week

New Homes Week will have the greatest impact if it is supported by members and their agencies on social media and through regional print media. 

Before the launch of New Homes Week on 13th May, we really want our members to get involved as much as possible. We are asking for blogs and stories on any of the daily topics mentioned above. If you can provide this please contact before 26th April. If you miss the deadline, we might ask you to provide more of a supporting role. More information here.




Social Media Toolkit

We have created a social media toolkit for New Homes Week, we would encourage members to take part each day and promote the messages on the toolkit via their own social media channels.



 Our ambassador for #NewHomesWeek this year is Interior Design Specialist, @sophierobinsons. Follow @newdashhomes this week (13-17 May) and discover her top tips on designing in a new-build home for Families, First Time Buyers & Downsizers.🏠

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Find out about the benefits of buying a new home this New Homes Week (13-17 May 2019). Follow the hashtag #NewHomesWeek for more information.

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Living space, the final front room…. boldly go where no one has before…. Be 1st to decorate your own space with the blank canvas of a #newhome. Follow #newhomesweek #newhome!

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4 This week we’re supporting New Homes Week. To find out about the benefits of buying a new home, visit the website: #NewHomesWeek Facebook---about-the-week
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 Didn’t think you could afford your own home? With #HelpToBuy, you can consider not only owning your own home but a brand new one! Follow the hashtag #NewHomesWeek to find out developments available with #HelptoBuy. #NewHomesWeek

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What is #HelptoBuy? It is an equity loan where the Government lends you up to 20% of the cost of your newly built home, so you only need a 5% cash deposit and a 75% mortgage to make up the rest!#TopFact #NewHomesWeek #NewHome  

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Are you saving up for your own space? You might not need as much as you think! With Help to buy, you only need a 5% deposit. Aim higher with Help to Buy - available for new home buyers 🏠 Follow #NewHomesWeek to find out more.

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Last-time buyer? It’s time to enjoy your retirement! A new home can give you lots of benefits from first-class service and facilities, to more time and money to spend on you, rather than on DIY. Find your dream home today #NewHomesWeek 

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Downsizing? Need some tips or ideas on what to consider? Take a look at @sophierobinsons tips in this #NewHomesWeek video.


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The less space you have to look after, the more time you’ll have to spend together! Put yourself first for a change. Consider buying a new home, complete with all the placemaking and benefits you need.#NewHomesWeek

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Need some design inspiration for designing your family home? Check out #NewHomesWeek’s video from Interior Designer @sophierobinsons. #NewHomesWeek #InteriorDesign #FamilyHomes


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Should you let your children help design their bedroom? Interior Design Specialist, @sophierobinsons says “Yes!” Find out more in her video.#NewHomesWeek #InteriorDesign #FamilyHomes


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Explore space and grow in your FIRST brand new family home. #NewHomesWeek #NHW19 #InteriorDesign #FamilyHomes #Interior

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Are you a #FirstTimeBuyer? You can use the #HelptoBuy scheme to help you buy your first #NewHome with just a 5% deposit. #NewHomesWeek


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Need some ideas on what to do with your first #NewHome? Watch this video for some key tips on #bedrooms and #livingspaces #NewHomesWeek


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#FirstTimeBuyer? Make a small step or a giant leap for your future. Discover your own space together in your FIRST brand new home. #NewHomesWeek

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Press release

We have produced a press release for the week based on a new survey by Deltapoll using a sample size of 2,055 British adults, click here to download. Below are infographics which you can also use to share and tweet.


Did you know that most homeowners prefer their living room over all others? What room do you prefer in your house? #NewHomesWeek #livingspaces



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Did you know £13.5k is spent on average on home improvement costs, something you don't need to do with a #newhome #NewHomesWeek


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#FirstTimeBuyer? There are ways to buy with the likes of #helptobuy and #sharetobuy, find out more now #NewHomesWeek


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  Not only are #newhomes energy efficient, they are a#blankcanvas, which means you can decorate how you wish with ease and no need for that annoying DIY. #NewHomesWeek


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If you have any questions regarding New Homes Week, please contact either:



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