Home Builders Visitor Card

In June 2018, the Construction Skills Certification Scheme announced that they would be withdrawing the Construction Site Visitor card.

The Home Building Skills Partnership responded and with partners, Reference Point and CIGA, launched a new replacement card, the Home Builders Visitor Card, in December 2019.

All Construction Site Visitor Cards issued from 3 September 2018 by CSCS will expire on 31 August 2020 and are non-renewable. CSCS stopped issuing the card from 28 February 2020.

CSCS visitor cards are no longer available and those still in existence will need renewing soon, we advise that you renew with a Home Builders Visitor card. If you are going to be visiting site, we advise that you don’t allow a gap between your cards and renew now via the website. The new card will store information on it such as your CITB H, S & E test pass, so as long as you have passed this within the last two years before applying then that’s fine.


The Home Builders Visitor Card is the first in a series of cards due to be launched by the Skills Partnership which promotes operational competence across the industry.

However, all of this information and more is now available on the dedicated website www.homebuildskillscard.co.uk