Home Building Skills Partnership

Skills & Supply Chain Engagement

Train to a Standard

Supporting and developing our workforce is crucial if we want to increase productivity and quality within the home building sector. Ensuring your employees are trained to agreed industry-wide standards can help you to drive efficiency and retain a quality focussed workforce.

Skills Frameworks

The Skills Frameworks have been developed with our members and associated Trade Federations and are now available for use.  CITB are also still working on agreeing some standards which will be added to the frameworks once available.

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Influencing the Supply Chain

The Skills Partnership’s Business Plan 2016-2020 had the stated objective ‘to engage subcontractors and suppliers in collaboration across the industry, leading change and the development of a skilled workforce which meets the needs of all.

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Home Builders Visitor Cards

In June 2018, the Construction Skills Certification Scheme announced that they would be withdrawing the Construction Site Visitor card.

The Home Building Skills Partnership responded and with partners, Reference Point and CIGA, launched a new replacement card, the Home Builders Visitor Card, in December 2019.

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An apprenticeship is a job with training and is open to anyone who is 16 and over. There is no upper age limit. You will work alongside experienced staff and gain job-specific qualifications. Your employer will give you tasks to perform, and the training provider will give you the theoretical skills to perform those tasks.

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Improving Skills in Brickwork

Having a skilled workforce is essential in maintaining standards onsite and delivering high quality homes.  To find out how we are achieving this click here

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