Home Building Ambassador - FAQs

Whether you are an existing ambassador or looking to join the programme as a new ambassador, find the answers to your most frequently asked questions below. If you can't find the answer you are looking for, you can email skillspartnership@hbf.co.uk.


Since July 2020, HBF’s ambassador programme has been run in collaboration with STEM Learning.

STEM Learning is the largest provider of educational careers support in science, technology, engineering and maths and is expanding into Construction & the Built Environment. Their digital platform acts as a one-stop shop for training, industry events, feedback and Go Construct resources.

Our partnership with STEM Learning enables us to enrich our support of Home Building ambassadors and increase our reach. Through STEM, we gain access to events held at 100% of secondary schools within the UK, allowing us to connect with and inspire many more young people to consider careers in Home Building.

As a STEM Home Building ambassador, you’ll manage all your ambassador activities on STEM Learning’s digital platform.

Yes, even if you have already been through a face to face course delivered by the House Building Skills Partnership or Go Construct. All the training you’ll need to complete will be available on line once you’ve registered.   Training will take just over an hour.

As a minimum, you’ll be required to complete an initial induction and a safeguarding assessment. There will be other relevant, online content for you to review at your leisure.

We recommend that you complete the full online induction. This will introduce you to STEM Learning’s self-service digital platform, to allow you to manage event bookings and make the most of the system.

If you’d like more support, face-to-face training is regularly offered through STEM Learning’s regional hubs. Courses cover topics such as presentation skills, safeguarding and much more.

If you’re already a STEM ambassador and you’d like to support the Home Building and construction industry, there are just two things you need to do! Firstly, you should update your existing STEM Ambassador profile by adding the ‘Home Builders Federation – Skills Partnership’ and ‘Construction and the built environment’ schemes. Secondly, you’ll need to tick the box under the ‘Schemes participation’ section to say that you’re happy to share your volunteer work with schemes that you participate in. This will ensure that we can contact you to share news and events.

Once you’ve registered your interest to become a Home Building ambassador through STEM Learning, a representative from your local STEM hub will get in touch with you and talk you through what to do next. You will need to provide a copy of your current DBS certificate (or Scottish equivalent) for approval.

Yes. As a STEM Home Building ambassador, you’ll be able to access STEM Learning’s online library containing over 14,000 resources. In time, we’ll be adding resources more specific to Home Building and the construction and built environment sector.


Whilst schools and colleges will need to be directed to the STEM Learning website to book a Home Building ambassador, the Housebuildingcareers website remains our go-to reference platform for careers in the industry. We recommend that you signpost young people and educators to https://housebuildingcareers.org.uk/  for further information about careers in construction.

Ambassadors can also get resources such as presentation material, badges and poster to advocate your work through the House Building Careers website or by emailing skillspartnership@hbf.co.uk.


Whilst STEM Learning manages the day to day operation of our Home Building ambassador programme, HBF Skills Partnership is on hand to offer support. You can contact us at skillspartnership@hbf.co.uk


Yes, STEM has 19 hubs across England, Scotland and Wales. When you register with STEM Learning you will be assigned a local hub based on your address.

A member of your local STEM hub team will introduce themselves, support you through your induction and will be on-hand for any other support you need. For a full list of hubs, as well as their contact details, please visit the STEM Learning website.

Please remember to update your address if you move or end up working from an alternative address for long periods of time.

STEM will alert you to activities within your area via your personalised ambassador dashboard. You can also download the STEM ambassador app to receive notifications to your phone.

The Skills Partnership will also continue to update you on events taking place in your area.


Once you’ve registered with STEM Learning, your local STEM hub will keep in touch via email to share details of training courses available in your area. If there’s a specific area that you’d like support or training on you can present this to your local STEM hub for consideration.

Training will be delivered via STEM Learning. This may be digital training (via e-learning and videos) or in-person training arranged independently or in conjunction with STEM Learning via regional hubs.

No, you only share contact information with schools and colleges by tagging yourself to their event or directly offering your time or services. Other than that, only STEM Learning and parties you have given consent to, such as HBF and CITB – Construction Built environment and your employer, will be able to see your data.


For the first time, Home Building employers will be able to sign up to their own dashboards via STEM Learning. If you tag your employer directly when you sign up to an event, they will be able to keep track of your upcoming engagements and monitor your ambassador performance.

If you need to gain consent from your employer before signing up to an event, it is your responsibility to do so before agreeing to a commitment.

Your STEM Learning profile can be amended and updated anytime, whether you need to change your employment details, address or contact information.

For any further questions or queries, please email skillspartnership@hbf.co.uk.