Andrew Whitaker 2016

Andrew Whitaker

Planning Director

Andrew Whitaker MA MRTPI FRSA is the Planning Director of the Home Builders Federation (HBF). Andrew, who joined the Federation as a regional officer in 1994, has over 30 years experience as a town planner in both the public and private sector, specialising in the formulation and implementation of both planning and housing policy.

Having worked in both local government and private practice Andrew uses this cross-sector experience to advise the housebuilding industry and liaise with central and local government through formal representations, sounding boards and working groups on a plethora of planning and housing issues.

Andrew is a member of the DCLG Planning Sounding Board and a number of other advisory groups. Most recently he was a team member of the Taylor Review of planning guidance and was included in Planning magazine’s 2013 “Power 100” as one of the top 100 people with the greatest influence of planning policy and decision making.