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The Southern Region continues to be characterised by a negative approach by local authorities and regional bodies towards housebuilding and development. HBF continues to try to change this attitude and is involved a number of working groups set up by SEERA, the Regional Assembly, to progress the South East Plan. HBF is also in regular contact with most local authorities in the region and seeks to get involved in any planning related matters which may have adverse consequences for members' activities. HBF also continues to lobby and meet with Government officials at regional level in pursuit of these goals.

The Regional Assembly (SEERA) is well underway with preparation of the Regional Spatial Strategy for the South East in the form of the South East Plan. It will guide development in the region up to 2026. The Panel's Report on the Examination in Public was received at the end of August (see HBF summary and link to the report itself in the RSS section of website). Government's modifications to the plan are expected by the end of 2007 with adoption anticipated sometime in Autumn 2008.

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