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Help to Buy

The Government’s Help to Buy scheme aims to address the lack of mortgage finance in the market and increase supply by increasing effective demand.

The first part of the scheme, the Help to Buy: equity loan scheme, was launched in April 2013. This has been hugely successful in boosting output.  Over the period since its launch to 31 December 2016, 112,338 properties were bought (legal completions) with the support of the scheme. In addition:

  • the majority of sales were to first-time buyers (90,724) representing 81% of total sales
  • the average (mean) purchase price was £233,403
  • the top 6 local authorities in terms of completed sales are Wiltshire (1,895), Central Bedfordshire (1,626), Leeds (1,604), County Durham (1,497), Wakefield (1,480) and Bedford (1,408)

Appetite for this scheme amongst buyers has increased demand for new homes and supported huge increases in housing output. The scheme is currently set to end in March 2021.

The second part, the Help to Buy: mortgage guarantee scheme, became available from October 2013 and provided 5% deposit mortgages from ten different providers, with the government acting as a guarantor for the mortgages. This part was applicable to both new builds and secondhand homes but in reality had minimal impact on housing supply and was not continued after 2016.

For Builders:

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For potential home buyers:

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