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CML Disclosure of Incentives Form

The CML Disclosure of Incentives Form (DIF) must be completed by home builders for all new home sales involving a mortgage. The DIF was first introduced on 1st September 2008. A revised DIF (Version 2) was introduced on 1st October 2011.

For a copy of the revised Version 2 of the form, click here*

*Note: The Disclosure Form can be printed off and completed manually, or it can be downloaded and completed electronically. However it is not possible to sign the Form electronically. Once it is ready for signature, it will have to be printed off and signed manually for sending to the lender’s solicitor

For a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) guide to filling in the form, click here.

For HBF Members, if you have any problems completing the Form (after reading the FAQ), please email your questions or comments to HBF at

Filling in the form electronically

The CML Disclosure of Incentives Form can be filled in electronically by typing into the fields available (please note that the signature requested at the end of the form cannot be completed electronically. When the form is finalised you will have to sign it by hand.)

To fill the form in electronically:

  • Ensure you have Adobe Writer/Reader 8 or above. The latest Adobe Reader is available to download on Adobe’s website free of charge.
  • Click on CML Disclosure of Incentives Form (link above) to open the document. Click File and select Save As, save a copy to your network/computer and close the document.
  • On you network/computer, find your saved version of the document. Open the document and fill in electronically. This filled in version can now be saved or printed.
  • If you cannot fit the information into one of the fields please print form and fill in.
  • If you experience any problems using the electronic version of the CML Disclosure of Incentives Form please contact your IT department to check your Adobe version/settings.


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