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Sales / Marketing

There are various roles within housebuilder companies for sales, marketing and communications professionals:

- Sales and Marketing Director

- Marketing Manager

- Sales and Marketing Field Manager

- Communications Director

- Public Relations Manager

- Site Sales Negotiators and Advisers

- Internal Showhome Designers

- Office Sales Administrators

Many housebuilders will have a head office with a Group Marketing and/or Sales Director who oversees the work and ensures that the company brand is maintained throughout advertising, marketing collateral (brochures, signage, point of sale) and online through the company’s website.

There may also be a Communications Director or PR Manager to oversee and manage the Public Affairs work of the company including handling the issuing of press statements, press and radio interviews and maintaining a positive image of the company’s image.

Regional Offices usually have a sales and marketing department with a Regional Sales and Marketing Director and Sales and Marketing Field Managers or similar support staff. They co-ordinate and oversee the marketing and sales of individual sites within their region including site based sales advisors and negotiators and/or external estate agents staff.

The front line staff are the sales advisers or negotiators - the people who work from site show homes, dealing with enquiries from potential purchasers and making sales.

Sales advisers/negotiators need to have good customer facing and communications skills . Many companies provide in-house training, so there are often no formal qualifications required. However, there is now the opportunity to study for a Sales Negotiator NVQ (find link).

Sales & Marketing Job Types & Profiles

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