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Policy & Activities

Policy & Activities

In the Budget the Government announced its two-pronged Help to Buy scheme – this aims to address the lack of mortgage finance in the market and increase supply by increasing effective demand.

In 2010 the government announced the need for an industry led review of housing standards, tasked with simplifying the process. There are four main areas under examination; water, energy, accessibility and security. The industry led initiative concluded that as much as possible needs to be put into the building regulations. There needed to be a clearer separation of planning policies and technical standards.

HBF’s national survey of house builders was launched in 2005 in response to recommendations in the Barker Review of housing of 2004. It is a self-completion census completed by the purchasers of new build homes.

The Technical Department at HBF makes representations, responds to consultations and keeps members informed of news or changes to Building Regulations, highways, sewers, utilities, waste management and health and safety.

HBF seeks to influence all emerging national planning policy. It represents member company views on both formal consultations and at the many government and third party steering groups and working parties to which HBF contributes. 

HBF members are committed to ensuring that all aspects of Health and Safety are a priority not only on all their sites but in their offices as well.

The Consumer Code for Homebuilders is an industry led code of conduct for builders, which was developed to make the home buying process fairer and more transparent for purchasers.

The CML Disclosure of Incentives Form (DIF) must be completed by home builders for all new home sales involving a mortgage.