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Briefing: HBF and CITB launch ‘non-construction employee training fund’ for HBF members

Date: 02/12/15

HBF and CITB launch ‘non-construction employee training fund’ for HBF members

I am delighted to announce the creation of a new £1m training fund for HBF members for training of non-construction employees.

The new fund is being made available by the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) exclusively to HBF members in response to our request on behalf of members that CITB should improve the level of Grant made available for training in non-core construction roles and disciplines which are frequently found in home building.

The “HBF member non construction employee training fund” will give members the opportunity to apply for Grant funding to support the training of staff in sales and marketing courses, of work experience/ training of non-construction discipline undergraduates and graduate scheme employees and to support staff in achieving management, professional and technical qualifications in non-construction disciplines.

This Grant support can only be accessed by those members of HBF who are in-scope for payment of the CITB Levy and registered with CITB.

Specifically, the fund will support:

  • Training of employees on sales and marketing courses, up to a maximum of 10 days at £100 per person.
  • Training of non-construction under graduates, up to a maximum of 240 days at £30 per person.
  • Training of non-construction graduate scheme participants, up to a maximum of 35 days at £100 per person.
  • Achievement of non-construction qualifications, at £750 per achievement.  The qualifications must be management, technical or professional qualifications such as a Marketing degree, or Cert IPD. (NOTE: this funding will not support achievement of NVQs as this can be claimed already through the main CITB Grant Scheme.)

The start date for eligible training that can be claimed for under the new £1m HBF fund is being back-dated to 1 September 2015, with eligible training up to 31 December 2016 being covered.

For immediate recognition of grant claims and grant processing, CITB have produced a “revised” grant claim form that only has the grant claims on it that are relevant to the Non-Construction Training Fund.  There is also a dedicated email address where all grant claims for this fund must be sent:

A copy of the guidance and claims form for the new fund is can be accessed via the member’s area of the HBF website here.

We are delighted to be able to offer you this exclusive fund available only to HBF members and hope you will be able to make use of it over the coming year.

If you have any problems, or any questions regarding the fund, please raise these via the dedicated email address – also included in the attached guidance – or contact us via or contact John Slaughter who has led on this for HBF and who has worked extremely hard to make this happen.

Please note: you must continue to claim all other grants from CITB in the usual manner using the generic grant claims that are available on the website at:

In order for the claims process for the new HBF fund to remain expedient, you will also need to confirm within your grant claim email that you are a member of HBF.  Should CITB receive any grant claim forms from members who have not previously notified CITB (via their levy return) that they are a member of HBF, then this would cause a delay in processing their claims.


Stewart Baseley, Executive Chairman