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Building Regulations - Regulation 25A Compliance Form

Date: 26/06/13

Building Regulations

Regulation 25A has been added to the Approved Documents for the Conservation of Fuel and Power Part L1a (New Dwellings) and Part L2a (New Buildings other than new dwellings)

It has been introduced to encourage the consideration of alternative systems such as district heating and energy from renewable resources.

BCBs are empowered to require the production of the documentation in order to verify that this regulation is complied with.

Whilst it is a requirement for the analysis to be undertaken, this does not mean such systems have to be installed, if the target emission rates for the new buildings can be met in some other way.

Regulation 25A comes into effect on the 9 July 2013 and will apply to all work submitted after that date.

Please click here for a copy of a form prepared by the HBF for members to use to demonstrate compliance with Regulation 25a. 

We have been informed that this is the minimum amount of information that is needed to demonstrate compliance with Regulation 25A.

This will need to be prepared for each development.

This is only to show compliance as far as the BCB is concerned and does not need to be shown to any other body.


Dave Mitchell
Technical Director