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Working Rule Agreement - CIJC 2017 Holiday Briefing

Date: 20/09/16

Working Rule Agreement - CIJC 2017 Holiday Briefing

Following negotiations with the trade unions in summer 2016 certain changes to holiday entitlement were agreed.  For this reason we are publishing the attached annual Holiday Briefing earlier than usual.

 The main changes are:-

  1. The annual industry holiday entitlement will from January 2017 increase from 21 to 22 days each year.
  2. The holiday year will move from the second Monday each January to the calendar year viz 1st January to 31st December. Those days of the winter holiday that fall into the next calendar year (including New Year's Day) will normally be taken from holidays earned in the previous year.
  3. The concept of Easter (spring) and Summer holidays has been discontinued in favour of “Other Holidays”  WR.18.2 now states:- The remaining 15 days of Industry holidays may be taken at any time by agreement with the employer.  An operative requesting to take paid holiday must give the employer reasonable written notice and, as a minimum, equivalent to twice the duration of holiday requested (ie. two weeks written notice to take a one week holiday) and the employer can either accept or reject the request, not later than the period equivalent to the period of holiday requested.”

The Easter (Spring) holiday England &Wales also Scotland.


Other Holidays

Although flexibility has been introduced regarding when the 15 days of non-allocated Industry holidays may be taken.  This does not prevent an employer from designating a particular period of “close down”.  That is to stick with the old Easter close down or some other period.  If an employer wishes to designate a “close down” then the workforce should be notified of such close down at the beginning of the holiday year.