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What we do

Working on member’s behalf


HBF works with Government and stakeholders to develop housing policy in the UK. Membership gives companies a voice on current issues through inclusive and specialist representation and access to up to date information on policy development.

By co-ordinating an industry wide response in its dealings with Ministers and Government personnel, HBF ensures a two way flow of information that ensures the industry’s views are heard – and that the industry is aware of issues that affect them. 

Communicating on behalf of the industry

HBF responds to consultation documents on behalf of the home building industry following wide consultation with members through its national and regional committee structure and through regular more informal member contact.

HBF has regular effective contact with the ministerial team and officials within CLG, Treasury, No 10 Policy Unit, DTI, Bank of England, key House of Commons Select Committees, MPs and Government Regional Offices. HBF also represents the industry in the media to ensure its position is reflected.

Liaising with stakeholders

HBF works with a growing number of external bodies in both the private and public sectors. Regular contacts include other trade federations, think tanks, research bodies and campaign groups in addition to national and local Government and regulatory bodies whose remit may impact the business climate for home building.



Keeping members up to date

HBF keeps members up to date with developments via a range of regular member communications. These include:

  • Weekly News Summary – a weekly roundup of key industry news and events sent by email each Friday

  • Chairman’s Report – a regular more detailed report covering the Chairman’s views on the political and policy issues impacting the industry 

  • Housebuilder Magazine – members are entitled to receive a free monthly subscription to Housebuilder – the leading industry publication.

  • HMR – a subscription based round up of economic issues which provides an important analysis of industry data.

  • HBF Twitter account – keeps members right up to date with relevant developments

  • Web site -  a useful source of information for members


As well as providing information to members through our established communications channels, HBF publishes regular briefing notes to inform members of policy changes and new working practices which may affect their business. These cover issues as wide ranging as Help to Buy and demand side support measures; national planning policy; technical matters such as Part L; regulatory issues;  health and safety; and skills and training issues . Briefings are sent to members after all major policy announcements as well as more general political announcements that have implications for house builders such as the Budget and Autumn Statement. HBF also uses social media and its web site to disseminate information and keep members informed.

Meetings and member groups

HBF holds regular set and ad-hoc meetings across the country. 

These include general meetings of different sized companies that cover a wide range of relevant issues; and regular more focussed meetings to cover issues such a Demand side support measures, planning; technical and the Third Age Group. Click here for a list of regular groups/meetings.

In each of the regions meetings include three regional MDs meetings a year as well as three regional planning and technical meetings.

Conferences, Seminars, Workshops

HBF organises a wide range of conferences and events, with top-level speakers from Government and industry. These include the HBF Policy Conference; Planning Conference; Technical Conference and a number of other policy specific events and more social events such as the Annual Report; HBF Ball; and the HBF Golf Day

HBF members also benefit from subsidised rates for attendance at Housebuilder Media conferences, exhibitions that include the Housing Market Intelligence conference and Housebuilder Awards.